Bizarre Deceptions

Professional Magic Show

                    DISMISS  REALITY!

When you experience Bizarre Deceptions’ magic, prepare to be amazed by the:




 which award-winning magician John Laskowski, by recreating a famous Houdini 
          illusion, will be handcuffed and attempt a split-second escape from a locked and 
          confining wooden crate. You literally won’t believe your eyes.

These are just some of the illusions that frequently appear in the spell-binding performances of Bizarre Deceptions, a magic show based in Norfolk, NE.  John has toured throughout the Midwest, and is ready to perform a customized show for you. Shows can be tailored for any need or occasion, and typically run 20-50 minutes. For more than twenty years, Bizarre Deceptions' humorous and professional show has become a favorite act at city and county fairs, company functions, theme fairs, and all types of parties (adult, child, & family). Their performance features a mix of original illusions, stand-by classics, audience interaction, and a creative mix of music!

The illusionist has received numerous honors for his professional and innovative productions, including a runner-up finish in a Midwest magic convention in Minneapolis, and winning a prestigious Chicago-area talent championship. Laskowski was selected as one of 144 magicians nationwide to represent the Nabisco Company in a summer magic promotion and has been inducted as a Lifetime Member into both the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the International Magicians Society, two worldwide fraternities.

“Magic touches people so deeply,” commented John Laskowski, the founder and leader of the group. “You are hit by the impossibility of what you are witnessing and need to come to grips with something bending every rule of reality.” For young and old alike, Bizarre Deceptions is sure to amaze. 

       Call to learn more about how Bizarre Deceptions can entertain your crowd. 
                      John can be reached without obligation at 402-844-3053.